Open post-doc position

Postdoc position

I am seeking a highly qualified post-doctoral fellow with expertise in complex system physics (out-of-equilibrium statistical physics, non-linear dynamics) for an exciting collaborative project about the effect of temporal environmental variations on biodiversity. This is an interdisciplinary project that touches on the foundations of important research areas such as community ecology and population genetics, and involves the use of advanced mathematical techniques, computer simulations and big-data analysis.

The project is funded by a collaborative grant between the Israeli Science Foundation and the National Research Foundation of Singapore. The Singapore Principal Investigator is Ryan Chisholm (National University of Singapore) and the Israeli Principal Investigator is me (Nadav Shnerb, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan). The post-doctoral fellow will be based in Israel but will travel to Singapore for collaborations.

Candidates with an appropriate background, who are interested in a cutting-edge research at the interface between physics and the biological sciences, are invited to apply.